Over-40 Love School is a 9-month program for mature women who are  truly ready to transform their life and get this love-thing done!

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​​​​​​​We keep Over-40 Love School intimate so you get personalized attention that leads you to Your Grownup Love Story... just like the women below. 

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What Some Love School Graduates Have to Say

I think I'm losing my heart,
​​​​​​​but that's cool.
​​​​​​​It feels good, not scary!

When I joined Over-40 Love School I had no love life and nothing had been going right in many years. I still had hope, but no idea of how to change things. 

Love School made me realise to appreciate myself, my body, who I am, and the right guy will match me. Also a bit of soul searching and self-realisation to cut the "fuck-off" vibe I think I was unconsciously sending out. 

​​​​​​​Now I’m on date #7 with a man I met online. I think I'm losing my heart, but that's cool. It feels good, not scary! ;-) I know it's reciprocated.

Ladies, be prepared for some soul searching, but this program will help you understand where you need to be and how you need to be, to catch and hold the attention of the right kind of man you want in your life. I’m pretty sure I’ve already done that!

Bobbi, thank you; Love School has been the best investment in myself I could have ever made.  ~Mechael 
He commented on what I did
that  he liked and
I learned it all in Love School! 

I’ve been dating this amazing grown up man for about a month now! I met him just a couple months after Love School started, and it’s not even finished! 

Everything about him is exactly like the King type Bobbi describes. He adores me and treats me like gold and says he wants me to be happy...all the things she says a real grown up man says to a woman he’s crazy about.
I used the grownup flirting techniques, nuggets, lead with my feminine etc....and it all worked beautifully with him. He commented on what I did that he liked and I learned it all in Love School! 

So, time will tell, but we are off to an amazing relationship. It reminds me of when Bobbi talks about Larry and how they both just knew very quickly. I guess that's what grownups do! It's great!

 Thank you for all you do, Bobbi! 
Love, Jill
Now I know - for the first time in my entire life  — that there is A Good Man out there for me.

I am 60 and my track record is pretty dismal. Divorced, too many really bad relationships to count, and not any hope of finding anyone.
If you are thinking about doing Bobbi’s Over-40 Love School I would give you only one piece of advice, Trust This Woman. She is The Buddha, Yoda, All Knowing Sage when it comes to teaching over-40 women what to do to meet The One.  Now I know - for the first time in my entire life  — that there is A Good Man out there for me.  

With the tools, independent work, and instructions Bobbi’s given us, I go out and feel completely at ease in my own skin. This is real stuff we are doing that ultimately gets us to a place I was not even aware of.  And this place feels So Good.   - Jodi